Custom CAD Application Development

At FDES, we help our customers to increase their productivity by developing customized CAD applications (add-ons). These customized applications automate the repetitive design process, thus saving lot of design engineer’s time and money to the organization. Our applications also make the designs free from errors and maintain consistency.

Our custom CAD applications can

  • Automates the repetitive design tasks
  • Reduces the design time
  • Reduces the mistakes to few or even completely
  • Adds new functionality to the existing CAD software
  • Automated BOM generation
  • Makes the CAD software highly intelligent by incorporating the customer's
    design rules and logics
  • Adds custom Toolbars and Menus
  • Automates the Drawing creation process
  • Exports the Drawing data to Microsoft Excel
  • Creates Drawings based on Excel data

Customization Capabilities


AutoCAD:               AutoLISP, Visual LISP, DCL, VBA, VB, Object ARX, .Net ARX

SolidWorks:            Automation through VBA, VB and .Net technologies

Inventor:               Automation through VBA, VB and .Net technologies

CATIA:                    Macros through CATScript, VBScript, KBE and CAA

Unigraphics:           Ufunc (UG/Open), GRIP, Knowledge Fusion (KF)

ANSYS:                  APDL


 Customized Circuit Design Software
Customized Circuit Design Software

AutoCAD Excel Export Addon
Addon to export Stair Case data
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