Web-Based Prodcut Configurator

Our web-based product configurator is well suited for designed-to-order products that generate sales wins with instant proposals, 3D visualizations and 2D drawings. This uses company product engineering and design rules to create any manufacturable variation of a product, including custom engineered components and arrangements.


It can generate accurate technical drawings and produce complete technical description. With this you can design the product, the way your customer wants it, in an instant. Customer can visualize the required product model by configuring through the web-based product configurator according to his requirement that exactly meet their needs before placing an order.


Product Configurator is easy to input customer requirements to automatically generate realistic 3D models, technical drawings and price quotes. Changes can be made instantly without wasting time for rework. Our products can satisfy the customer with its fast and multiple design iterations and a complete and accurate proposal.



  • Configure: Product Configurator makes it easy for customers to quickly
    configure complex products
  • Eliminate Invalid Configurations: Guided option selection prevents customers from
    configuring unavailable products. Saving valuable time
  • Assembly Support: Configure multiple products into a complete assembly
  • Non-Standard Products: Enable customers to configure "special" orders with
    non-standard options
  • CAD Models: Enable customers to configure and download CAD models and
    CAD drawings
  • 3D Viewer: Customers can spin, zoom and collaborate with a web-based 3D viewer
  • Images and Animations: Include graphics, Flash movies and 3D animations to assist
    in the product configuration process
  • Dynamic Tool Tip: Shows product image and help text in a separate pane when
    users pans over an option


  • Increased Sales
  • Reduced Cost-Per-Sale
  • Faster Sales Cycle
  • Increased Customer Loyalty
  • Non-Engineering persons can enter quote requirements


  • Bill of Materials
  • Quotations
  • Product Images
  • CAD Models
  • Drawings
  • 3D Visualizations


 Product Configurator
Web-Based Product Configurator

CAD 3D Viewer
Web based 3D Viewer

Configured Product Image
Configured Product Image

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