Time Tracker:


Time Tracker is the latest way to track the drawing time for project management and engineering design activities.


The Time Tracker automatically records the drawing editing time of each user, who uses the AutoCAD. Logs the amount of time the user has the drawing opened and actual editing time of the drawing. All the data will be logged into the database so that the manager can get the required reports by searching through the database with flexible Admin Application.


The admin application conveniently presents the recorded data, textually and graphically. With this admin application the manager can easily get the required report with the help of available search filters, from the recorded data and also get the detailed graphical representations.


Your draftsman is no longer need to keep detailed records of what drawings were worked on and for how long; Time Tracker will do it for you. Time Tracker allows your designers and draftsman to focus on design and drafting, not tracking their time. You are relieved from the tasks of gathering weekly timesheets and the burden of entering data into spreadsheets for further evaluation.


Time Tracker can be used as a tool to establish benchmark for improving efficiencies within your organization. After recording the time for a period, you can examine the user productive hours and compare user performances.



  • Time Tracker records the actual time spent throughout the day, not an estimation
  • No timers required to be started or stopped
  • Powerful, elegant reporting by the minute, day or month 
  • Time Tracker is completely automated, no user intervention is required
  • Instantly view the project time status
  • Review employee performance
  • Record exact amount of drawing edit and elapsed time
  • Find out the difference between worked time and idle time
  • More search filters to the get the required report
  • Help you make decisions about how long certain task should take, and who best to perform them
  • Know what are the drawings currently opened by the user
  • Know the drawing, on which the user currently working on



Time Tracker Admin Application




Graphical Report of Worked Hours of all users between given dates



Graphical Report of Workes Hours of selected user










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