EOT Crane Design Software

CDAS (Crane Design Automation Software) is an unique and very user friendly software specially developed for Double Girder EOT Crane based on IS 3177-99 and its four classes. The software considerably reduces your Enquiry to Quote time. The user needs to enter the basic information of crane to be designed through the user friendly interface.

All the IS standard tables and clauses are already incorporated into the database. With these information and based on given user inputs, the software performs the design calculations and generates detailed calculation reports, generates 3D CAD models, 2D Fabrication drawings, BOM and Estimation within 2 Minutes.


List of designing modules of CDAS: Click here to view


Output of the software:

  • Detailed calculation reports
  • Complete 3D assembly of the EOT Crane
  • 2D fabrication drawings for each part of the crane in AutoCAD format
  • Complete BOM in MS Excel format
  • Generation cost estimation in MS Excel format

End Results:

  • Reduced design time
  • Improved efficiency of design department
  • Consistency in the Design and Drawings
  • Reduced errors, scrap and rework
  • Easy to use, data storage and retrieval
  • Enquiry to quote time reduced from Days to Minutes
  • Generation AutoCAD drawings without opening AutoCAD
  • Visualize end product before starting the manufacturing
  • Access the software from anywhere through internet
  • No need to have CAD knowledge to operate the software and more...

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Crane Design Sofrware 

Crane Design Software



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